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Small Tweed Combo

Small Tweed Amp

Large Tweed Combo

Large Tweed Amp

Mini Tweed Combo

Mini Tweed Amp

  • Mini Tweed Amp/Tweed 1x10
  • Like: Tweed Fender Champ but with bigger speaker

Large Blackface Combo

Large Blackface Amp

  • Large Blackface Amp/Blackface 4x10
  • Like: Fender Blackface Super Reverb/Twin Reverb

Silverface Combo

Silverface Amp

  • Silverface Amp/Silverface 2x12
  • Like: Fender Silverface Twin Reverb

Mini Blackface Combo

Mini Blackface Amp

  • Mini Blackface Amp/Blackface 1x10
  • Like: Fender Princeton/Vibro/Deluxe

Small Brownface Combo

Small Brownface Amp

  • Small Brownface Amp/Brownface 1x12
  • Like: Fender Brownface Deluxe/Vibrolux/Tweed Deluxe

Blues Blaster Combo

Blues Blaster Amp

  • Blues Blaster Amp/Brownface 1x15
  • Like: Fender Brown Pro/Vibrosonic

Vintage British Stack

Vintage British Head

  • Vintage British Head/Vintage British 4x12
  • Like: Marshall Plexi Lead 100/Plexi 45

Modern British Stack

Modern British Head

  • Modern British Head/Modern British 4x12
  • Like: Marshall JCM800

Brown Stack

Brown Head

  • Brown Head/Brown 4x12
  • Like: Marshall Super Lead Plexi with Variac modification

British Blues Combo

British Blues Amp

  • British Blues Amp/British Blues 2x12
  • Like: Marshall Bluesbreaker

Modern American Stack

Modern American Head

  • Modern American Head/Modern American 4x12
  • Like: Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier

Studio Combo

Studio Amp

  • Studio Amp/Studio 1x12
  • Like: Mesa/Boogie Mark IV

British Combo

British Amp

  • British Amp/British 2x12
  • Like: Vox AC-30

Small British Combo

Small British Amp

  • Small British Amp/British 1x12
  • Like: Vox AC-15

Boutique British Combo

Boutique British Amp

  • Boutique British Amp/Boutique British 2x12
  • Like: Matchless DC-30

Sunshine Stack

Sunshine Head

  • Sunshine Head/Sunshine 4x12
  • Like: Orange AD30

Small Sunshine Combo

Small Sunshine Amp

  • Small Sunshine Amp/Sunshine 1x12
  • Like: Orange Tiny Terror

Stadium Stack

Stadium Head

  • Stadium Head/Stadium 4x12
  • Like: Hiwatt DR-103

Stadium Combo

Stadium Amp

  • Stadium Amp/Stadium 2x12
  • Like: Hiwatt 200DR

Boutique Retro Combo

Boutique Retro Amp

  • Boutique Retro Amp/Boutique Retro 2x12
  • Like: Silvertone Twin Twelve

High Octane Stack

High Octane Head

  • High Octane Head/High Octane 4x12
  • Like: Diezel/Soldano SLO-100

Turbo Stack

Turbo Head

  • Turbo Head/Turbo 4x12
  • Like: Bogner Uberschall

Pawnshop Combo

Pawnshop Amp

  • Pawnshop Amp/Pawnshop 1x8
  • Like: Supro S6616

Transparent Preamp/Direct

Transparent Preamp Direct.png


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