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  • Logic Pro 8 Tips & Tricks: Piano Roll Editor
    • Quickly open Event List or the Score Editor from MIDI notes in the Piano Roll Editor. Mute and copy notes on-the-fly without using tools or menu commands. Correct note overlap problems and merge notes instantly. Select only top or bottom notes or polyphonic music for editing or force all notes in a monophonic line to play legato. Lock MIDI note events to SMPTE timecode, which is incredibly useful for working with hits in film projects. These tips will make you a MIDI editing pro in no time.
  • Working With Regions in Logic Pro 8: MIDI Loops
    • This tutorial demonstrates how to setup MIDI loops and edit MIDI data within a region to quickly make edits to looped content. Adjust loop lengths and convert loops into real copies or aliases to adjust music to your own projects. Looping techniques enable quick composition and arrangement, great for electronic music and hip-hop production! Required: 12 String Dream 03 software instrument loop, included with Logic Pro 8.
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