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You can manually change the left and right locator in these two places:

  1. In the Bar Ruler
  2. In the Transport Bar locator display field using direct keyboard entry or by click-holding and dragging the mouse up or down

Logic Pro Locator Key Commands

There are even more ways to set locators using Key Commands.

  • Set Left Locator and Set Right Locator
  • Set Left Locator by Playhead and Set Right Locator by Playhead
  • Move Locators Forward by Cycle Length and Move Locators Backwards by Cycle Length
  • Set Locators by Regions/Events
  • Set Locators and Play
  • Set Rounded Locators by Regions/Events
  • Set Rounded Locators and Play and Set Rounded Locators and Record
  • Set Rounded Locators and Cycle Play and Set Rounded Locators and Cycle Record
  • Set Locators by Marker and Enable Cycle
  • Set Locators by Next Marker and Enable Cycle
  • Set Locators by Previous Marker and Enable Cycle
  • Swap Left and Right Locators
  • And many more

Logic Pro Cusomize Transport Bar Locator Functions

There are several Transport Bar Locator function buttons available. You can access them by customizing the Transport Bar.

Logic Pro Transport Bar Locator Buttons

You can use Locators to navigate your project using Key Commands or the Transport Bar.

  • Go To Left Locator
  • Go To Right Locator
  • Play From Left Locator
  • Play From Right Locator

Logic Pro Bar Ruler Skip Cycle

Locators are used to set Cycle Mode, Autopunch Mode, and Skip Cycle Mode.

Logic Pro Transport Bar Display Locators as Time

You can change the Locator display in the Transport Bar to display locator values as time or musical division by control-clicking the transport bar.

Logic Pro Transport Bar Cycle Auto Set Locators

Another effective way of setting locators is to use Auto Set Locators. You can set Auto Set Locators by control clicking the Cycle button in the Transport Bar. You can auto set locators by Marquee selection, Region selection, and Note selection, individually or all at once.

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