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The MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface) Protocol enables compatible devices to send and receive data. It was created to allow hardware to speak to each other. MIDI is the protocol Logic Pro uses to play and record software instruments, automation, and external MIDI hardware. MIDI does not contain audio. Your external MIDI devices still need their audio to be routed into your computer and Logic Pro.

  • Installing And Exploring Logic Studio
    • So you’ve either made the exciting purchase and can’t wait to get started or you’re still wondering if Logic Studio is the app for you. Either way, this video will educate you through the install process and show you how to record your first audio and MIDI tracks and even how to do some editing in the Arrange Window!
  • Looping MIDI Regions
    • Watch now to learn how to quickly and easily loop MIDI regions throughout your projects. Great for loop-based music in urban or electronic genres.
  • Quantize MIDI Regions
    • Easily quantize MIDI data for an entire region. You can quickly correct an imperfect performance in one step! Watch this video to see how.
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