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Brand new to Logic Pro? Switching from GarageBand, ProTools, or Cubase? Or has it been collecting dust in your Applications folder? Either way, these tutorials will get you started. Begin with our free Logic Pro Beginner Guide.

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Beginner Guide

Project Setup

Recording Audio

  • Comping Takes With Logic Pro
    • This tutorial covers the techniques involved in creating composite takes. Learn to cycle record and edit multiple overlapping takes together to create one composite take.

Arrange Window

  • Naming Tracks
    • A tip for quickly naming multiple tracks in the Arrange Window. This will help you to quickly complete this menial task so you can focus on the rest of your project workflow.



Tips & Tricks

Piano Roll Editor

  • Logic Pro Piano Roll editor: Basic Operations
    • This tutorial will focus on basics of MIDI note event entry and editing in the Piano Roll Editor. It will show the various ways of quickly opening the Piano Roll window for editing. It also describes the layout and function of a Piano Roll Editor. Learn to quickly draw in MIDI note data or enter notes through step input mode, change note lengths, and quickly move note events to a desired position. These techniques will make precise MIDI editing a breeze, increasing productivity and enhancing your workflow.
  • Changing The Length Of Notes Using The Piano Roll Editor
    • Learn how to alter the start and end points of notes using various methods and with options to set the same end point for several notes as well as make several notes the same length. You’ll also learn more advanced note length functions.


Channel Strips

Global Tracks


Hyper Draw

Hyper Editor


  • Basic Environment: Layers
    • This tutorial will explore the basic layout of the environment window, namely its organization into layers. Each layer's function will be explained separately.

Beat Mapping

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