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Logic Pro Arrange Area You build your arrangement by arranging regions in the Arrange Area.

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Adding Regions

You can add Regions to the Arrange Area in several ways.

  • Record Audio
  • Record MIDI
  • Addg Media to Your Project
  • Use the Pencil Tool
  • Create a Region Alias (MIDI) or Region Clone (Audio): Aliases and Clones don't contain data, they reference the data of the original region. You can create an alias by option-shift-dragging a region.

Selecting Regions

You can select Regions in several ways.

  • Click on a region with the Pointer Tool.
  • Use Key Commands.
  • Click the background and drag around regions.
  • Use one of the Select functions from the Edit Menu.
  • You can select all or portions of a region using the Marquee Tool.

Moving Regions

You can move Regions in several ways.

  • Drag regions between tracks, Arrange windows, and even different projects.
  • Change a region's position from the Event List area.
  • Nudge Regions with Key Commands.
  • Shift a region's position with the Delay setting in the Region Inspector.
  • Resize regions by dragging the lower-left or lower-right corner of the region with the Pointer or Pencil Tool.

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