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The Complete Logic Pro
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Logic Pro Quick Start
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Editing MIDI
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Bouncing Your Project

You'll want to move backward and forward through your project's timeline. You'll want to zoom in and out to expose more or less detail. You'll also want to move to different editors and other areas of the Arrange window.

There are several ways to move through your projects timeline.

  • Move the playhead by clicking in the bottom half of the Bar ruler.
    • Double-clicking starts playing from where you clicked.
  • Move the playhead by setting the Position Display in the Transport Bar.
    • Click-hold any of the numbers in the Position display and move the mouse up or down or double-click and then type in a new position.
    • The upper row is SMPTE Time format: hours : minutes : seconds : frames / subframes.
    • The lower row shows the musical division of time: bars, beats, division, and ticks.
  • Use the Transport Bar to play or change location.
  • Use Transport Key Commands.
  • Use the Transport shortcut menus.
    • Shortcut menus are found by hold-clicking on Transport buttons.
  • You can control Logic Pro from a distance with an Apple Remote.
  • Use Cycle Mode.
  • Navigate your project using Markers.

There are several ways to change the zoom level of your viewing area.

  • Drag the zoom sliders
  • Zoom with the Playhead by click-holding the lower half of the Bar ruler and dragging the top of the Playhead up or down.
  • Zoom with the scrollbar by click-holding the zoom handles at either end and dragging up or down on the vertical scroll bar and left or right on the horizontal scroll bar. (No longer available in Logic Pro 9.1.6 on Lion)
  • Zoom with your trackpad by pinching open or close to zoom out or in.
  • Zoom in on a section of your Arrange Area by selecting an area with the Zoom tool.
  • Use the Zoom Key Commands.

There are several ways to move to different editors and other areas of the Arrange window.

  • Click one of the Editing area buttons.
  • Use the Window menu.
  • Use Key Commands.
  • Tab through the open areas to switch key focus.
  • Choose one of your Screensets.

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