Music Producer Lab


Real quick and just so we're on the same page, because I do things a little differently around here…

I’m Graham English.

I’m a performance coach for musicians.

Music Producer Lab is a place where I share my secrets and experiments. (And I learn just as much from Lab members as they learn from me.)

The lab is for music PRODUCERS. I don’t let just anybody in...

The lab wouldn’t be worth my time if members didn’t share their ideas or try out the ideas that I share.

I need members to participate. Here’s what that means for you...

Remember that I have your best interests in mind…to make you a better music producer…

There are barriers of entry into Music Producer Lab.

The first barrier is that you give me your full name and confirm your email address. 

I might already have your information on file, I might not. But I want to know exactly who is requesting access to Music Producer Lab. You must be a real person and not a company or a bot. I do check.

The second barrier is that after you confirm your email address, you must wait 24 hours to be given the registration link. 

Music Producer Lab is a community, not a product. I want to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Lurking is discouraged and your membership will be cancelled if you aren’t active within a certain time frame. It becomes harder to join the lab once you’ve been removed.

The third barrier is that you have to accept the Music Producer Lab terms and conditions. These conditions are in plain language. I want to make sure you know what you’re getting, what you’re not getting, and the proper procedure for setting up and cancelling your membership.

After you've filled out the form below, confirmed your email address, and waited 24 hours, I'll send you the terms and conditions to accept.

If you’re ready to get started, fill out the form below: