Using Logic Pro Amp Designer to Get the Smashing Pumpkins Sound

Get the Smashing Pumpkins sound using Logic Pro Amp Designer and call up guitar tones that came to life in the 90s and paved the way for many guitar tones to follow. Discover how to dial up a common grunge rhythm tone, like the one used in Tonight, Tonight. You’ll learn how to get the Today rhythm guitar sound and the intro tone, a clean sound Billy used often. You can download all the patches used in this tutorial as well as a template that has all the sounds ready to go!

  • Learn how you can use Amp Designer to dial in grunge sounds of the early 90s
  • Learn how to dial in guitar tones from two of Smashing Pumpkins’ most popular songs
  • Download all the patches used in the tutorial
Free Cheat Sheet: Amp Designer
How To Get Great Guitar Tones With Logic Pro Amp Designer

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