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Amp Designer provides an easy way to explore a huge range of amp and cabinet settings pre-configured for classic amp sounds. As the ultimate tool for designing your own sound, amp Designer is perfect for everyone - from guitarists looking for the perfect amp sound to producers seeking unique sonic character for any instrument. With Amp Designer, you can experience the same great sounds as your favorite artists, create something truly special, or have fun trying out the different amp and speaker combinations! So what are you waiting for? Try amp Designer today and experience the amazing sounds that await you!

Small Tweed Combo

Small Tweed Amp

Large Tweed Combo

Large Tweed Amp

Mini Tweed Combo

Mini Tweed Amp
  • Mini Tweed Amp/Tweed 1x10
  • Like: Tweed Fender Champ but with bigger speaker

Large Blackface Combo

Large Blackface Amp
  • Large Blackface Amp/Blackface 4x10
  • Like: Fender Blackface Super Reverb/Twin Reverb

Silverface Combo

Silverface Amp
  • Silverface Amp/Silverface 2x12
  • Like: Fender Silverface Twin Reverb

Mini Blackface Combo

Mini Blackface Amp
  • Mini Blackface Amp/Blackface 1x10
  • Like: Fender Princeton/Vibro/Deluxe

Small Brownface Combo

Small Brownface Amp
  • Small Brownface Amp/Brownface 1x12
  • Like: Fender Brownface Deluxe/Vibrolux/Tweed Deluxe

Blues Blaster Combo

Blues Blaster Amp
  • Blues Blaster Amp/Brownface 1x15
  • Like: Fender Brown Pro/Vibrosonic

Vintage British Stack

Vintage British Head
  • Vintage British Head/Vintage British 4x12
  • Like: Marshall Plexi Lead 100/Plexi 45

Modern British Stack

Modern British Head
  • Modern British Head/Modern British 4x12
  • Like: Marshall JCM800

Brown Stack

Brown Head
  • Brown Head/Brown 4x12
  • Like: Marshall Super Lead Plexi with Variac modification

British Blues Combo

British Blues Amp
  • British Blues Amp/British Blues 2x12
  • Like: Marshall Bluesbreaker

Modern American Stack

Modern American Head
  • Modern American Head/Modern American 4x12
  • Like: Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier

Studio Combo

Studio Amp
  • Studio Amp/Studio 1x12
  • Like: Mesa/Boogie Mark IV

British Combo

British Amp
  • British Amp/British 2x12
  • Like: Vox AC-30

Small British Combo

Small British Amp
  • Small British Amp/British 1x12
  • Like: Vox AC-15

Boutique British Combo

Boutique British Amp
  • Boutique British Amp/Boutique British 2x12
  • Like: Matchless DC-30

Sunshine Stack

Sunshine Head
  • Sunshine Head/Sunshine 4x12
  • Like: Orange AD30

Small Sunshine Combo

Small Sunshine Amp
  • Small Sunshine Amp/Sunshine 1x12
  • Like: Orange Tiny Terror

Stadium Stack

Stadium Head
  • Stadium Head/Stadium 4x12
  • Like: Hiwatt DR-103

Stadium Combo

Stadium Amp
  • Stadium Amp/Stadium 2x12
  • Like: Hiwatt 200DR

Boutique Retro Combo

Boutique Retro Amp
  • Boutique Retro Amp/Boutique Retro 2x12
  • Like: Silvertone Twin Twelve

High Octane Stack

High Octane Head
  • High Octane Head/High Octane 4x12
  • Like: Diezel/Soldano SLO-100

Turbo Stack

Turbo Head
  • Turbo Head/Turbo 4x12
  • Like: Bogner Uberschall

Pawnshop Combo

Pawnshop Amp
  • Pawnshop Amp/Pawnshop 1x8
  • Like: Supro S6616

Transparent Preamp/Direct

Transparent Preamp Direct.png