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Welcome to the Logic Studio Training Wiki
A Deep and Powerful Logic Pro Encyclopedia

This site exists so you can make more music.

You're one of a kind. Just like Logic Pro. Everyone uses it differently.

This is why we love browsing categories and using the site search to find the right tutorial for the moment.

We also categorize all of our tutorials and have focused roadmaps with clear navigation. That's the intention of this wiki.

Below are some starting suggestions. If you're new to Logic Pro or switching from another app, start with the Logic Pro Beginner Guide.

Thanks for being a Logic Pro user!

How to Use Logic Pro

Logic Pro Beginner Guide Video Series

Logic Pro Quick Start

The Arrange Window

Tracks and Channel Strips

Software instruments

How to Mix

Mixing Cheat Sheet

Mixing Tips

The Mixer



Recording Audio

Recording MIDI


How To Choose A Logic Pro Guitar Interface

Amp Designer and the Pedalboard

List of Amp Designer Amp/Cabinet Equivalents

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