Leopard: Safe To Upgrade?

There has been no official word that Logic Studio will run on Leopard unless you count the Logic Pro specs which requires Mac OS X v10.4.9 or later. However, we have heard positive results from Logic Pro running on early developer versions of Leopard.

Logic + Nintendo NES

Create Digital Music posted a clever tutorial on connecting Logic to your Nintendo NES game system. Useful? Or just geeky fun? Let us know what you think.

GarageBand 4.0.1 Update

This update fixes minor problems with Magic GarageBand, some graphic display issues, compatibility with 3rd party software, and general compatibility issues. You’ll need to download the iLife Support 8.1 update first.

Tips For Managing Multiple Projects Using Logic Pro

Tips For Managing Multiple Projects Using Logic Pro

In this world of super fast paced content creation, it pays you in time and money to have an organized and automated system for making music. In this presentation, I’ll be showing you some tips and tricks for managing multiple musical projects using Logic Pro and iTunes.