MainStage 1.0.2 Update

Busy day for Apple Creative Pro updates.

MainStage 1.0.2 addresses specific customer issues and general performance issues and improves overall stability.

This update is recommended for all MainStage users.

2 thoughts on “MainStage 1.0.2 Update

  1. I’m a singer songwriter that does 100+ solo and duo shows a year. I’m very interested in incorporating mainstage into my live set up. Couple of of questions…

    1. Can I run guitar, keys and vocals at the same time, through one laptop using mainstage?

    2. Does mainstage offer a mixing board feature to run my show?

    So basically I’m wondering if Mainstage can do everything….:)

    Also, is there a tutorial, like the nine inch nails video for the singer songwriter section of the software?



    1. 1. Yes, you can run guitar, keys, and vocals through it, providing your audio interface and computer are up to the task.

      2. You can create a layout that will control most parameters, including volume levels.

      Can it do everything? Well… MainStage has its limitations but it’s really powerful and I’m sure it could get a lot of use out of it.

      We have a tutorial course you might want to check out: MainStage Under The Microscope

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