Logic Pro Bass Amp Designer Does Metallica

Logic Pro Bass Amp Designer Does Metallica pays tribute to one of, if not, the most respected bassist in heavy metal history: Cliff Burton. Cliff had not only an interesting melodic approach, but his bass tones were also memorable. Unlike many bassists of the genre, his tones stick out and make themselves known. In this tutorial, you will learn how to dial in the spooky tone he used in Call of Ktulu. You’ll see that elaborate effect chains aren’t just for guitarists. As a bonus, you’ll get the four presets demonstrated in this tutorial.

  • Bring your rock bass tones to life and gain some major personality
  • Find out which effects work for rock bass guitar and learn how to use them
  • Download the presets featured in this tutorial
Free Cheat Sheet: Bass Amp Designer
How To Get Great Bass Guitar Tones With Logic Pro Bass Amp Designer

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