Logic Pro Bass Amp Designer Does Motown

Logic Pro Bass Amp Designer Does Motown dives in to that great, memorable bass sound from the legendary Motown era. You know the sound – even, punchy, fat, but not hyped. It has its own way of filling up a mix. You will learn which amp in Bass Amp Designer to use, some EQ tips, and how to apply the Multipressor to maximize your bass. Dust off your bell-bottom pants and get ready to get funky! As a bonus, you’ll get the four presets demonstrated in this tutorial.

  • Discover the amp for old-school, funky bass sounds
  • Learn how to control the dynamics of the bass guitar with the Multipressor
  • Download the presets and Logic Pro X template
Free Cheat Sheet: Bass Amp Designer
How To Get Great Bass Guitar Tones With Logic Pro Bass Amp Designer

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