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Circuit Types

Logic Pro 9

  • Platinum: Logic Pro original, transparent
  • ClassA_R: Neve 33609
  • ClassA_U (Variable-Mu): Fairchild 670, UREI 175
  • VCA: dbx 160, SSL
  • FET (Field Effect Transistors): 1176
  • Opto (Tube Electro-Optical): LA-2A

Logic Pro X

  • Platinum: Logic Pro original, transparent
  • Studio VCA: SSL
  • Studio FET (Field Effect Transistors): 1176 (This circuit type is new to Logic Pro X and it's unclear at this time how it's different from the vintage FET)
  • Vintage VCA: dbx 160
  • Vintage FET (Field Effect Transistors): 1176
  • Vintage Opto (Tube Electro-Optical): LA-2A
  • ClassA_R and ClassA_U have been removed from Logic Pro X

Additional Hardware Circuit Types

  • Solid State Electro-Optical: LA-3A



  • Individual inserts like snare, vocal, guitar. Buss compression, drums. Add color with no compression. Attack control, slow to add punch and let transients through. Release times based on rhythm of track. Lower ratio for compression, higher ratio for limiting. Crush ala Led Zeppelin and Beastie Boys. Fast attack/release for gritty distortion (bass).
  • 1176 blue stripe, aggressive, higher distortion. 1176 blackface, early 70s low noise. 1176 silver blue stripe AE, low ratio, fixed super slow attack (vocals). History: 1966-67. All Swedien MJ vox.
  • Chain FET (1176) with Opto (LA-2A). Fast peak limiting before slow compression to catch large peaks and avoid pumping and breathing. General rule: Lower ratio than compressor before it, first one catches peaks. Reverse order, LA2A limits, 1176 compresses.
  • Steven Slate: FET on lead vox, rap lead
  • Mixerman Eric Sarafin: Lead vocal
  • Michael Brauer: Drum buss, vocals, background vocals
  • Andrew Wuepper: Lead vox
  • Jack Joseph: Snare, piano, bass
  • Dave Pensado: Lead vox, bass
  • Dylan Dresdow: Slap bass
  • Jaycen Joshua: Bass, string section
  • Tony Maserati: Ballad vocals
  • Chris Wood: Brian McKnight vocal chain
  • Ed Cherney: Bass, snare, acoustic guitar, rock guitar - slow attack, fast release


  • Clean, low-distortion, faster attack than 1176s or Fairchilds, when you just want to protect from clipping, useful on instruments with complex harmonics (12-string guitars, pianos, and harpsichords).
  • Simple, safe, quiet,
  • Ed Seay: Room mics
  • Michael Brauer: Bass
  • Jack Joseph: Snare
  • Dylan Dresdow: Kick drum, stereo buss
  • Hans Zimmer: Drums
  • Ed MacFarlane: 808 drums


  • Smooth, rich, warm compression. Tubes.
  • LA-2A: Lennon Imagine piano, Sinatra's vocals.
  • Steven Slate: Background vox, British-style piano
  • Mixerman Eric Sarafin: Bass
  • Andrew Wuepper: Banjo, acoustic guitar
  • Dylan Dresdow: Bass
  • Russell Elevado: D'Angelo Voodoo Bass


  • Modern solid-state stereo limiter/compressor with pleasing distortion. A diode bridge is responsible for gain reduction and its unique sound. More distortion than VCAs or FETs but not excessive. It has a unique auto-release with wide ranges depending on the input.
  • Subtle compression for your master fader: Neve Glue (Preset comes with Logic Studio Training membership)
  • Fat tone and level compensation for tracking: Neve Auto Compress (Preset comes with Logic Studio Training membership)
  • Downright slammed drum group: Neve Down and Dirty (Preset comes with Logic Studio Training membership)
  • Stereo Buss, Drums, Vocals, Tracking.
  • Mixerman Eric Sarafin: Background vocals
  • Michael Brauer: Keyboards/BG Vox
  • Andrew Wuepper: Acoustic piano, drum overheads
  • Dylan Dresdow: Background vocals
  • Jaycen Joshua: Acoustic piano
  • Chris Wood: Acoustic piano
  • Ed Cherney: Lead vocal


Extended Parameters Area

  • Output Distortion
  • Side Chain Filter
  • Mix (Parallel Compression)

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