Logic Pro Compressor: ClassicA_R vs. Neve 33609

Logic Pro Compressor - ClassicA_R vs Neve 33609
Members can download compressor presets in the style of the Neve 33609 from your Member Dashboard.

Here is a quick primer on the Logic Pro Compressor styles:

  • Platinum: Logic Pro original, transparent
  • ClassA_R: Neve 33609
  • ClassA_U (Variable-Mu): Fairchild 670, UREI 175
  • Opto (Tube Electro-Optical): LA-2A
  • Solid State Electro-Optical: LA-3A
  • FET (Field Effect Transistors): 1176
  • VCA: dbx 160, SSL

ClassicA_R: Modern solid-state stereo limiter/compressor with pleasing distortion. A diode bridge is responsible for gain reduction and its unique sound. More distortion than VCAs or FETs but not excessive. It has unique auto-release settings with wide ranges depending on the input. It works well on vocals, drums, bass, guitars, and mix bus.

Highlights: Stereo Bus, Drum Bus, Vocals, Tracking.

2 thoughts on “Logic Pro Compressor: ClassicA_R vs. Neve 33609

  1. Why don’t my Neve compressors look like the do in the tutorial

    1. The Neve compressor in the video is from Universal Audio and doesn’t come with Logic Pro. The presets emulate the Neve but work in Logic Pro’s compressor.

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