Installing And Exploring Logic Studio [Beginner Guide]

This is the first video of our Logic Pro Beginner Guide.

So you've either made the exciting purchase and can't wait to get started or you're still wondering if Logic Studio is the app for you. Either way, this video will educate you through the install process and show you how to record your first audio and MIDI tracks and even how to do some editing in the Arrange Window!

You can view the Logic Studio installation (time-compressed from about 4 hours to less than 4 minutes) so you'll know what to expect and how to customize your install, just in case you're concerned about hard drive space.

You'll also explore the template chooser, learn how to create a new empty project, set up your audio preferences, select inputs from your audio interface for recording, and more.

Watch on YouTube:
Installing And Exploring Logic Studio Part 1 [Beginner Guide]
Installing And Exploring Logic Studio Part 2 [Beginner Guide]

Watch on Vimeo:
Installing And Exploring Logic Studio [Beginner Guide]

For reference, here's what's installed:

  • Logic Pro - The Mohammad Ali of DAWs. "I am the greatest!"
  • Soundtrack Pro - A giant bear hug between audio and cinema. It's perfect for audio post-production and works seamlessly with Final Cut Pro.
  • MainStage - MainStage = CenterStage. It's a live performance powerhouse. Meant for dark rooms and sonic booms, MainStage screams!
  • Waveburner - After you've mixed the hit, WaveBurner puts it on the CD.
  • Compressor - Compressor encodes audio. Woohoo!
  • Logic Studio Content - Almost 40 GB of loops, samples, sounds, *coupons for free Chipotle burritos...
  • Tools: Apple Loops Utility, Impulse Response Utility

Space Required: 46.7 GB
38.4 GB of Content: Jam Packs, Sound Effects, etc.

*Logic Studio does not come with free Chipotle burrito coupons.

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