Help! My Record Enable Button Is Missing!

So you upgraded Logic Pro or opened a project and your record enable, freeze, or some other button is now missing. Have no fear. It’s usually a very simple fix.

Scoring Workshop – Part 1

This series of tutorials will show you the benefits of orchestrating scores, help you maximize your setup and get more power from your computer, learn the score editor, and much more.

Changing The Length Of Notes Using The Piano Roll Editor

Learn how to alter the start and end points of notes using various methods and with options to set the same end point for several notes as well as make several notes the same length. You’ll also learn more advanced note length functions.

Recording In Logic Pro [Beginner Guide]

In this Beginner Guide tutorial, you’ll learn how to record audio and MIDI, record comp takes, change the project sample rate, tempo, metronome settings, and more.