Logic Pro Arrange Window Overview [Beginner Guide]

In this Logic Pro Beginner Guide tutorial, you'll explore the main window of logic, the Arrange Window.

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Logic Pro Arrange Window Overview [Beginner Guide]

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Logic Pro Arrange Window Overview [Beginner Guide]

6 thoughts on “Logic Pro Arrange Window Overview [Beginner Guide]

  1. what exactly is a bus? and why do you have 64 of them? how do you send a signal through a bus? :/ …confused

    1. You use busses to send audio to aux channel strips for processing or submixing. Choose a bus from the I/O in the channel strip inspector for submixing or choose a bus from the effects sends to send it to an aux for processing.

  2. Any trick to getting a higher resolution picture on your training videos? It’s fine small but when expanded it not so great.


    W. Wayne Arrants

    1. Download the desktop version. It’s higher res and you can full screen it. And you have any specific questions, please ask.

  3. Graham, this may be something you’re uncomfortable with, but I have just purchased the Logic 9 program and this weekend I will be purchasing a MBP to run it on. I want some advice on processor speed and hard drive speed (hate to purchase something and it be wrong). I am, at this point, coming from Garage Band and an old Macbook. I will be making most of my music and spoken word podcasts with keyboard, guitar and voice. I want to be sure the computer is fast enough. Is there some sort of industry standard for the program?

    1. Just get the fastest you can afford. Everything they have out right now can do a lot more than what you’re probably used to with your old MacBook. I would even consider getting an iMac which is even faster and has more screen real estate. Go for at least a 7200RPM hard drive.

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