Logic Pro Trance Gate Effect

Create traditional trance gate effects in Logic Pro 8 using two different methods. Sync your gate effects to tempo and even create custom rhythms for the gated synth sounds!

5 thoughts on “Logic Pro Trance Gate Effect

  1. Love it. This vid really cleared this up for me.

  2. Nice trick.
    different subject… Do you guys have a tutorial on basic editing in Logic Pro? I’m coming from the Pro Tools platform where audio editing is really easy. I’m having difficulty with Logic. Where do I find some help on your web site?
    And where is there a list of advanced tutorials?

    1. Check out the wiki. You might want to check out the beginner series if you’re new to Logic. You’ll find all of our advanced tutorials on the wiki too.

  3. Graham, wondering if you could direct me to where I can do research and/or get advice concerning near field reference monitors. I’m ready to invest in a pair and want to make the right decision. Thanks…

    1. I’m sure I saw a monitor shootout recently but I can’t find it. I’ve got a few pairs on my wish list. Starting with Adam S3As. KRK and Genelec are two other brands I’ve got my ears on. I’ve got a pair of Mackie MR8s now and really like them for the price. I had to buy them in a pinch because my Yamaha NS-10s broke down (another fine pair of monitors).

      All of these monitors will only be so good based on your room. So keep that in mind. If your room isn’t ideal, don’t go broke on the monitors because you can always get your mix “good enough” in your room and have it tweaked in a real studio for a couple hours of time. Just a thought.

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