Logic Pro Vocoder Basics Part 2

This segment of the Vocoder Basics tutorial will explain how to setup and use the vocoder with a vocal input source. Learn more about how the vocoder actually works and how you can adjust settings to accommodate vocal input.

Logic Pro Vocoder Basics Part 1

Covers setup/routing for LP8’s vocoder instrument. You will also learn the basic functions of the vocoder’s synthesizer section.

Setting Default Zoom

Learn to save and recall a default zoom setting. Enhance your workflow by being able to always revert back to your own custom zoom level.

Logic Pro Trance Gate Effect

Create traditional trance gate effects in Logic Pro 8 using two different methods. Sync your gate effects to tempo and even create custom rhythms for the gated synth sounds!

Set Locators By Region

Set your left and right locators by making region selections. Fast and easy way to loop specific material in your projects for playback and editing.

Saving Custom Templates

Learn how to save and open your very own custom templates. You will never have to go through the hassle of project setup again.

Creating Markers

Here’s a tip for quickly and easily creating and naming markers throughout your Logic Pro projects. Never disrupt your workflow again!

MainStage Multiple Controllers

Have you ever wondered whether you could use multiple MIDI controllers with Mainstage? Well, you can. This video will show you the ins and outs of multiple controllers in Mainstage.

Quantize MIDI Regions

Easily quantize MIDI data for an entire region. You can quickly correct an imperfect performance in one step! Watch this video to see how.