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  • Loading Instruments
    • Learn several ways to load software instruments into your Logic Pro project.

Vintage Keys

Synthesizers and Samplers

Synth Cheat Sheet - What Every Logic Pro User Ought To Know About Synthesizers

  • EFM1 FM Synth
  • ES1 Subtractive Synth
  • ES2 Hybrid Synth
  • ES E Ensemble Synth
  • ES M Monophonic Synth
  • ES P Polyphonic Synth
  • EVOC 20 Poly Synth Vocoder
  • EXS24 Sampler
  • Sculpture Modeling Synth
  • Alchemy Sample-Manipulation Synth



  • Assigning Controllers Workshop Part 3
    • Part 3 of Logic Studio Training's Assigning Controllers Workshop takes you through how to assign controllers to keys on your computer keyboard, how to assign the same controller to different parameters so knobs can affect pan in one setting and a software instrument filter in another, how to create controller assignment Modes for software instruments like the ES2, and more.


  • Logic Pro Piano Roll Editor: Advanced Operations
    • This tutorial will cover many of the advanced features of the Piano Roll Editor in Logic Pro. Learn to edit, Mute and delete note events quickly and easily. View additional MIDI controller data in the Hyper Draw portion of the Piano Roll Editor. Easily make changes to note velocities and learn about the various ways in which note events snap to the time grid. Change the look of the piano roll interface to suit your own preference! With these techniques you will greatly enhance your productivity and workflow when working with MIDI data in the Piano Roll Editor.

EVOC 20 PolySynth

Drum Synths

  • Drum Kit Designer/Drummer
  • Ultrabeat Drum Synth
  • Drum Machine Designer

Drum Kit Designer/Drummer


GarageBand Instruments

GarageBand Instruments in Logic Pro X

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