Adding Media To Logic Pro [Beginner Guide]

In this Logic Pro Beginner Guide tutorial, you will learn how to add media to the Logic Pro Arrange Window and start making music.

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Adding Media To Logic Pro [Beginner Guide]

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Adding Media To Logic Pro [Beginner Guide]

7 thoughts on “Adding Media To Logic Pro [Beginner Guide]

  1. how do I add sample kits for exs24 kits and have them work rite I need a step by step please thanx for your time and effort .

    1. I just sent you an email. I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking.

  2. I down loaded EXS24 kits from

    and I need to know I get them to work and in what manner do I install them or what folders do I place the wave folders and EXS24 kits hope that clarifies my issue thanx for you time and effort .

    1. You should contact the creators to be sure. I see they have a contact form. They probably go in Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments

  3. Got it to work the only thing it has no default preset on any of the kits it loads up with the last kits presets witch really sux but oh well nice kit though for free can’t beat it .

    1. Awesome. Glad you got it to work.

  4. hannah montana? jajaja good one

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