Navigating Logic Pro [Beginner Guide]

In this Logic Pro Beginner Guide tutorial, you'll learn multiple ways to navigate Logic Pro, how to undo your mistakes, and various ways of selecting tracks and regions.

Watch on YouTube:
Navigating Logic Pro Part 1 [Beginner Guide]
Navigating Logic Pro Part 2 [Beginner Guide]

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Navigating Logic Pro [Beginner Guide]

4 thoughts on “Navigating Logic Pro [Beginner Guide]

  1. Hey guys, thanks so much! I am a self taught sound engineer at a church in South Africa, so good training is hard to come by. I know all the technical stuff when it comes to mixing well. I don’t know how to transfer that knowledge into Logic though (being an ex PC user), so this site is perfect for me.

    I have bought a subscription and have already learnt more in the intro video about the environment than I got out of the huge burdensome owners manuals!

    1. That’s great news, Paul! Just glad we can help you save some time reading that massive manual. 🙂

  2. Stereo Tape Delay technique ROCKS!!!!

    i’ve used it on every tracks and all i can say is… SWEET!


    tim de ramos

    1. You’re welcome! I use it a lot too.

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