Logic Pro 11 Update

Logic Pro 11 Update

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Logic Pro 11 Release Notes

What's New in Logic Pro 11

  • AI-Enhanced Tools: New tools join Smart Tempo and Pitch Correction to enhance creativity.
  • Session Players: AI-powered Bass Player and Keyboard Player join Drummer, with the ability to follow global chord progressions.
  • ChromaGlow: Advanced plug-in with five saturation models to simulate vintage analog warmth.
  • Stem Splitter: Separate stereo audio files into stems for vocals, drums, bass, and other parts.
  • iPad Integration: Session Players, ChromaGlow, and Stem Splitter are also available on Logic Pro for iPad 2, allowing seamless project transfer.
  • Studio Bass and Piano: Play deeply-sampled acoustic and electric basses, and meticulously-sampled pianos.
  • Chord-Aware Loops: Loops with chord tags automatically populate the chord track.
  • Producer Packs: New packs from Hardwell, The Kount, and Cory Wong.
  • Export Enhancements: Downmix and trim options for custom non-Atmos mixing and expanded ADM BWF files for various formats.
  • Bounce in Place and Track Freeze: Real-time recording for External Instrument regions or tracks using Logic Pro I/O plug-in.
  • Creative Routing: Route MIDI signals from supported software instruments and effects to other tracks.
  • Efficient Editing: Improved key commands for marquee selections, nudge, and transpose operations.
  • Pattern Regions: Create pattern regions on Drummer tracks and convert Drummer regions to pattern regions.
  • Mastering Assistant: Real-time analysis for projects with external I/O or instruments.
  • Dolby Atmos Plug-in: Includes Downmix and Surround/Height Trim controls.
  • Project Management: Recent Projects list can now show up to 50 projects.
  • And much more!

* Requires Apple M1 chip or later / Requires macOS version 13.5 or later

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2 thoughts on “Logic Pro 11 Update

  1. Will it be released today? It’s about 5:30 on the east coast and is still not showing up.

    1. It showed up for me around 4:30 EST. Try clicking the App Store link at the top of the blog post. If it’s not showing up, your computer might not be compatible. M1 Macs are required for this update.

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