iLife 09 Ships Today

The new version of GarageBand ships today in iLife 09. I’m excited to try out the new learn to play feature. Visit the Apple Store today.

Upgrading The Site

Just a quick note to inform you we’ll be updating the site tonight. If anything is acting funky, that’s why.

Holiday Special Ends Soon!

Get instant access to hours of Logic Studio Training through January 1st for only $19.95! After January 1st, the price goes up.

Logic Studio In Action With Dave “Switch” Taylor

It’s inspiring to hear what one man can do with a MacBook Pro, Logic Studio, and an Apogee Duet. “I try to spend an hour or so a day just making up patches and having some fun with the ES1 or some other synth, trying to make up my own new sounds as well as weird drum kits,” he says. And that’s how you master Logic Studio.

Happy Holidays From Logic Studio Training

For a limited time only, we are dropping the usual price of our membership from $19.95 a month to a single low payment of $19.95 for a lifetime membership! But you must act fast because we could raise the price at any moment.

Follow Us On YouTube and Vimeo

We’re now broadcasting our Logic Studio Minute on YouTube and Vimeo. So if you’re on any of those video networks, friend us up!

Site Maintenance This Weekend

We’re taking the site offline this weekend to launch a new redesign in preparation for some awesome new content. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you! So if you click any previous links from our feeds or emails, you might find some wonky site behavior. Give us until Monday to get the site back up and get ready for some awesome new content!

Pro Applications Update 2008-03

Of note to Logic Studio owners, PluginManager 1.7.3 gets updated. For more information about this software update, see the Release Notes.