Creating Markers

Here’s a tip for quickly and easily creating and naming markers throughout your Logic Pro projects. Never disrupt your workflow again!

Quantize MIDI Regions

Easily quantize MIDI data for an entire region. You can quickly correct an imperfect performance in one step! Watch this video to see how.

Nudging Regions

Learn shortcuts for quickly adjusting the timing of regions in Logic Pro. Improve your accuracy and enhance your workflow all at once!

Naming Tracks

A tip for quickly naming multiple tracks. This will help you to quickly complete this menial task so you can focus on the rest of your project workflow.

MIDI Thru Tool

Explains basic use of the MIDI Thru Tool for placing Environment objects in the Arrange track list. A necessary skill for those seeking MIDI enlightenment.

Looping MIDI Regions

Watch now to learn how to quickly and easily loop MIDI regions throughout your projects. Great for loop-based music in urban or electronic genres.

Locate To Position

Speed up your workflow by learning this useful shortcut for quickly jumping around the timeline in your Logic Pro projects.

Importing Video

Discover the basics of importing video into Logic Pro and how to sync your movie to the bar structure.

Browsing The Library

Use the library to quickly navigate through channel strip settings for many types of tracks. See your latest workflow enhancement in action.