GarageBand 4.0.1 Update

This update fixes minor problems with Magic GarageBand, some graphic display issues, compatibility with 3rd party software, and general compatibility issues. You’ll need to download the iLife Support 8.1 update first.

4 thoughts on “GarageBand 4.0.1 Update

  1. I’m new to the Mac world, let alone Logic. I used Rifftracker for recording found it easy to use. However, nothing like Logic! Every studio i have been in utilizes an apple computer, with Logic. No surpise there. I am encountering a lot of line noise. Currently I am using guitarport…not happy with the this. What do you suggest? Would POD farm work better? I feel at home an open Mic would pick up everything. Whereas a software driven program should side step this problem. Any Thoughts?

    1. Line noise? Could be the instrument, preamp, effects, audio interface… anything that’s being input into Logic. So check your hardware by removing as many variables as possible. And if you can test multiple instruments, I would do that too.

      1. Graham, Thank you for your response. I have added Drums(Electronic), keys, and voices with no problems. It seem to be the Line 6 guitar port. Guitar Pro’s amps are a little generic in sound. I may need to mic one of my amps instead. Guitar port is going through Guitar Pro which I don’t want. It’s like having a Fender Twin going through a Marshall amp.

        1. I hear ya. Guitar amps are generally noisy things to record so noise gates come in handy too. But I always prefer to mic the cabinet when I can.

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