Logic Pro 10.8 Update

Logic Pro 10.8 Update

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Logic Pro 10.8 Release Notes

What's New in Logic Pro 10.8

  • Deliver a release-ready mix with Mastering Assistant and its professional palette of intuitive sound-shaping tools.
  • Transform any audio sample into a malleable sound that you can perform using Sample Alchemy.
  • Radically reshape and reshuffle audio with Beat Breaker, a sophisticated time- and pitch-morphing instrument.
  • New Slip and Rotate tools allow for the contents inside a region to be moved independent of their position on the timeline.
  • Ability to record in 32-bit float now available when using supported audio devices.
  • Free Hybrid Textures Sample Alchemy pack includes a collection of 70 patches and over 80 loops built from found sounds flipped into creative playable instruments.

* Requires macOS version 13.5 or later

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2 thoughts on “Logic Pro 10.8 Update

  1. Thanks so much, Graham! This was an excellent review plus introduction to new features. Very helpful!

    1. You’re welcome, Dori! It’s great to hear from you. I hope you’re having a happy new year!

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