Logic Pro Templates: Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Today you're going to...

  • Learn from the masters of songwriting and music production.
  • Develop your critical listening skills by ear training.
  • Speed up your Logic Pro and music production workflow.
  • And build your own database of templates for practicing and trying out ideas.

When it comes to choosing songs to create templates from, I choose current hits that are significant from both a technical and artistic perspective. Even though the song may not be your cup of tea, the patterns and techniques you can uncover from studying the hits can carry over to your own creations. I also choose current hits because I want them to be relevant and represent current listening habits.

You'll also learn how to create templates yourself for your own reference library. Every successful producer and engineer has a reference library of their favorite tracks. Knowing a song inside and out can help you in unfamiliar listening environments and serve as a gauge for meeting your own quality requirements.

I hope you find this template useful. It's just one of many to come.

Here's a quick review on creating and saving templates: Saving Custom Templates

2 thoughts on “Logic Pro Templates: Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars

  1. Brilliant ideas Graham. Thanks once again all of your inspiration and information.
    Regards, Edward

    1. Thank you! Really glad you liked it. 🙂

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