Scoring Workshop – Part 4

In part 4 of our Scoring Workshop, you'll learn how to import standard MIDI files and use Logic Pro 9's new selective track import.

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5 thoughts on “Scoring Workshop – Part 4

  1. Looking forward to Part 5…thanks for the great info!

  2. Hi Graham, I am a new user of Logic and Mac, came from PC…wow!!What jump!!! I am a musicians focused in classical music and the way how I work, understanding that it is a little different,is writing first the music in the score (like a traditional paper) and them play it as a midi file, assigning instruments etc; I am very interesting still working with the score but I haven’t find much information about the matter in Logic.Would you give me some advice or guide to start searching? Thanks a lot for these tutorials. I hope to contribute in the future what I will learn to help others like you are doing

  3. Thanks for these great videos Graham, really looking forward to Part 5

  4. Hi, also looking forward to part 5 😉

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