Trifonic: Using Flex Time in Logic Pro 9

In this video, Brian Trifon demonstrates how you can use Flex Time to study a beat you love and create a similar groove of your own.

via Next Step Audio

11 thoughts on “Trifonic: Using Flex Time in Logic Pro 9

  1. how can i deactivate(i think they call it )the record-comp function in logic 9 ? can you help me?

    1. Turn on Replace mode in the transport bar. Roll over the buttons to the right of the transport display and you’ll see it.

  2. Hey graham, added you on myspace! Ok here is my issue, cannot get my head around it. I am working on a larger (64 track poduction right now, with heavy use of samples, and a couple (unnamed) very hi-fi drones in the background. I fixed my tascam us-428 (no more buzz, it was a bad cold solder, easy fix). The problem I am having is when i pre listened to the drones, they were fine. Now that I have started working them into logic, I am getting transient clicks, but in consistent places. I went back to the masters, and no clicks. Now I have only once in my life had to deal with DC voltage offset problems, and this was in relation to headroom. But the sound engineer I was working with mentioned something about odd random DAC problems that could lead to this… I am totally out of my league here, and need some help. I removed the DC offset (that took a while lol), but i still have a faint click now only on one side, but all in the same places as before. Most people wouldn’t notice it, but an audiophile would be disgusted by it.

    Any help, very much welcome, The little white rabbit

  3. Just did the latest Apple Pro Apps update this morning before starting my sessions. First day in the new 10.6x OS and with Logic 9x without a crash!!! So far, it’s looking good:D (a few weeks ago I was ready to throw the mac out the window it was so unstable)

  4. thanks so much

  5. where do I get started? I am new to logic I just got the software, but I though this membership would train a newby like me from the begining explaining the interphase and how to start a project. I want to learn right away so where do I start? This membership I paid for, appears to me the that I should have some knowledge about logic. I do know anything about logic so where is the traing link for a person like me

    1. Check The Wiki. We have a beginner guide there.

  6. Have just come back to your site to learn some more after some time. Was blown away by this video! I wondered what the Beat Mapping was for!! I can’t wait now to load up similar matched audio files and sync them all. You guys are awesome – thanks.

  7. Another new boy to Logic. I have just started coming to grips with the software, so far it’s pretty straight forward, except for this. I’m using a Fast Track pro interface for my guitar, bass and vox. The guitars come through in stereo when I’m soloing the track pre-recording,but when I’m recording it seems they pan hard left, and upon playback, there are indeed panned left. I have centred the pans on all strips whilst setting up the track, the loops are fine.What am I doing wrong..? Can you aim me towards a solution?

  8. I’m trying this tonight. Good tutorial.

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