How To Create Stems and Alternate Mixes With Logic Pro

How To Create Stems and Alternate Mixes With Logic Pro

Bouncing several different versions of your final mix is a common practice. Clients have different needs, and alternate versions of mixes can cover all your bases.

Sometimes, artists need versions of a mix without the vocal for performing live to backing tracks. You may even need to bounce groups of tracks separately, creating a stem mix.

Whatever your needs, bouncing alternative mixes and stems is easy using Logic Pro.

Bouncing a Stem Mix in Logic Pro

Stem mixes have many uses:

  • You can give a remix artist the stems of the mix for remixing and DJ gigs.
  • Film scores and surround sound projects often use music stems.
  • Mixing and mastering engineers might want stems instead of individual tracks or bounced stereo tracks.

The fastest way to create a stem is to solo the tracks you want to include in the stem and bounce as described on page 327 of Logic Pro X For Dummies.

Find out more about mixing, mastering, and sharing your music in Chapter 19 of Logic Pro X For Dummies.

Name and catalog your stems clearly. That way, they're easy to recognize and you won't accidentally leave out individual tracks.

The stems you create will depend on your project and collaborators:

  • A remixer might want separate vocals, drums, and musical instruments.
  • A film score might want to separate the orchestra from any electronic instruments or sound effects.

If stems are required, you can meet the demand.

You can also use track stacks to build and organize your stems. By using track stacks, it's easy to solo or mute the instruments in the track stack for bouncing the stems.

Bouncing Alternative Mixes in Logic Pro

When it comes to mixing popular music, you can make several common alternate mixes. And it's probably best to make them even if no one asks for them.

Making an alternate mix takes little time, and you may end up liking one of the alternates better.

Here's a list of common alternate mixes:

  • Without vocals
  • Vocals only
  • Vocal up/vocal down
  • Without solo
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