Bouncing Your Logic Pro Project

Bouncing Your Logic Pro Project

In this Logic Pro Project Bouncing tutorial, you’ll learn about preparing the bounce, setting the bounce range, the bounce window, template tips for bouncing, burning the bounce to disc, choosing the bounce file destination, dithering, and more.

Scoring Workshop – Part 3

In part 3 of our Scoring Workshop, you’ll learn how to route audio from standalone instruments back into Logic Pro. This will allow you to overcome Logic Pro’s 4MB RAM ceiling (if you’re running it in 32-bit mode) as well as to get troublesome third-party instruments to play nice with Logic Pro.

Tips For Managing Multiple Projects Using Logic Pro

In this world of super fast paced content creation, it pays you in time and money to have an organized and automated system for making music. In this presentation, I’ll be showing you some tips and tricks for managing multiple musical projects using Logic Pro and iTunes.