Generative Music With Logic Pro Part 1

In these generative music tutorials, you'll learn how to make music that's always changing and completely composed in real time. You'll be able to use these techniques to create unique, ambient soundscapes, add excitement and unpredictable elements to your arrangements, and generate new melodic and harmonic ideas for further composition.

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11 thoughts on “Generative Music With Logic Pro Part 1

  1. hey graham, your really on a roll the tutorial and advice your giving is stellar keep up the great work. jsmall

  2. Hey Graham, there’s actually a really great article from an old issue of Virtual Instruments Magazine (if my memory serves) about how Michael Brecker was using these and similar techniques on a grand scale to create very complex algorithmic harmonies with his EWI wind controller (using Logic, naturally). Just thought it was cool and relevant if anyone wants to try and check it out. Oh, and there’s even a full centerfold of his environment set up and, believe me, they need both pages to show it.

    1. Man, I wish I could get my hands on that issue! Might have to do some research on that one. I’m a HUGE Brecker fan.

  3. Great tutorial!

  4. Hi Graham,

    Great tutorial!

    Is there a way to record the midi that’s being generated – in order to make tweaks afterwards?

    1. Thanks, Sambodhi! I just answered your question in part 3.

  5. good tutorial.

    got a question.
    is there any ways of assigning midi knob controller for delay line’s delay time and feedback amount?
    i know how to do on arpegetor.

    thanks in advance.

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