Scoring Workshop – Part 2

In part 2 of our Scoring Workshop, you’ll learn how get more power out of your system and overcome Logic Pro’s 4 GB RAM limit by using external standalone instruments, you’ll learn advanced environment routing, and much more.

Generative Music With Logic Pro Part 1

In these generative music tutorials, you’ll learn how to make music that’s always changing and completely composed in real time. You’ll be able to use these techniques to create unique, ambient soundscapes, add excitement and unpredictable elements to your arrangements, and generate new melodic and harmonic ideas for further composition.

The Logical Drummer

Now you can discover how to program realistic drums and put some life into your music! Free Bundle For Logic Pro is giving away 8 environment modules for Logic Pro. Included modules are: Transformation Universal, Step Increase or Decrease, Random on Note on & off, Randomize 8 Times, Automove, Notes Fixer, Thru, Filter.

Logic Pro External MIDI Instruments

Check out this video and learn how to set up Logic to play back your external MIDI instruments from the sequencer! Setup is easy and can be saved as a template for use in your future projects.