Logic Pro X For Dummies 2nd Edition

Logic Pro X For Dummies 2nd Edition

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Inside, you'll discover:

  • Logic Pro Fundamentals: Get Logic Pro up and running, learn the basics, and discover valuable tips for productivity.
  • Recording Audio and MIDI: Understand the fundamentals of digital audio and MIDI, learn recording techniques, and use Apple Loops to build your music.
  • Making Music with Software Instruments: Make beats and design drum sounds, play virtual vintage instruments, find out how to program synths and samplers, and conduct a virtual orchestra.
  • Arranging and Editing: Discover how to build an effective arrangement, learn how to edit audio and MIDI, and find out how to create the perfect performance.
  • Mixing and Mastering: Discover the secrets to great sounding mixes, find out how to automate your mix for maximum impact, and boost the volume to competitive levels.

Logic Pro X For Dummies comes with bonus videos, templates, cheat sheets, and much more! Get the full details at Logic Pro X For Dummies.

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