MainStage 3.0.3 Update

What’s New in Version 3.0.3

  • Improves stability and reliability, including to resolve these issues:
    • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly when opening a concert that was created in MainStage 2.x and is missing some content.
    • Resolves an issue in which a concert that was compressed with certain utilities might not load if the concert contained a patch with a forward slash “/” in the name.
    • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly when loading a concert that contains a multitimbral transform graph.
    • Resolves an issue in which MainStage might quit unexpectedly after downloading content.
  • Resolves an issue that could cause CPU performance spikes and audio dropouts.
  • Fixes an audio-input issue that caused the Record Enable button to be unavailable with some audio interfaces, including the M-Audio Fast Track Pro, M-Audio Plus, Blue Yeti USB mic, Alesis i02 Express, Avid Mbox, and Griffin iMic.
  • Mappings to AppleScript again work properly.
  • Screen Control graphics again properly update when receiving CC64 messages on MIDI channels other than channel 1.
  • It’s now possible to map screen controls to the Dr. Octave pedal.

MainStage 3.0.3 Release Notes

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