The Progressive Rock Method Part 4 – How to Program and Edit Progressive Rock Drums: Making It Real With Dynamics

The Progressive Rock Method Part 4

Part 4 of The Progressive Rock Method's How to Program and Edit Progressive Rock Drums demonstrates the importance of dynamics in drum programming.

Brock illustrates this point using two different examples, one in context of a progressive jazz song and the other in the context of a progressive rock riff. The jazz song exemplifies how crucial dynamics are in spacious music with limited instrumentation. The prog rock riff shows how fills with ghost notes sound programmed and a standard beat without dynamics sounds stiff and unnatural and then comparatively wonderful and human with the simple application of dynamics.

  • Learn how to breathe life into your programmed drum parts through the application of dynamics
  • Get perspective by hearing dynamics applied in two drastically different styles of music
  • Save yourself time by knowing when and where dynamics in drum programming matter the most to create a natural feel and a sense of flow
  • Avoid instruments getting lost in the mix through the misapplication of dynamics
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