The Real Amps That Inspired The Logic Pro Amp Designer Models

We've reached the end of our stay here at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and it's also the end of our epic guitar week. We couldn't have picked a better place to eat, breath, and sleep guitars.

To recap, we published several tutorials for your six-string pleasure.

For our final dish, we thought it would be super sweet to uncover the real amps behind Amp Designer's models. Most of the answers came from the Amp Designer model names and some came from the mouth watering amp images. We had some help from the internet too. But nearly all of the amps were compared to other amp modeling software for verification.

It was a lot of fun!

Let your ears be the judge. If you think we got something wrong, let us know in the comments.

And now for your fretted dessert, feast your ear tongues on these tasty amp cakes! Get the cheat sheet below. You're gonna love it!

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7 thoughts on “The Real Amps That Inspired The Logic Pro Amp Designer Models

  1. Ok… but where is the list of amps?

    1. The list is in the cheat sheet. Details are in the post. You’ll dig it. It looks amazing and has great info, like who’s known for playing the amps and other tone tips. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. there is a distortion pedal on Logic’s pedalboard wich i really like, its called GRIT, i’d like to know what is the analog model on wich it was inspired.

    1. The GRIT pedal is probably based on the Pro Co RAT. 🙂

      1. you happen to know what the “monster fuzz” pedal is based off of?

        1. It’s probably a custom plug-in. It has more controls than most of the popular fuzz pedals out there. So I’m not sure if it’s modeled after a pedal or just a “monster” custom creation. I don’t think every pedal is modeled after a real physical pedal the way the amps are.

  3. Awesome!! Thanks so much.

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