Using Logic Pro Amp Designer to Get the Jimmy Page Sound

Get the Jimmy Page sound using Logic Pro Amp Designer and discover how to get three iconic Jimmy Page guitar tones. Learn how to get the Whole Lotta Love guitar tone, including its curious reverb. Find out how to dial in Immigrant Song, thin but with bite and not a lot of sustain. You’ll also discover how to get the clean tone from The Rain Song. Logic Pro for Guitar Players customers can download all the patches used in this tutorial and a template that has all the sounds ready to go!

  • Learn how you can use Amp Designer to dial in some of Jimmy Page’s best guitar tones
  • See how you can get two really different sounds out of the same amp
  • Logic Pro for Guitar Players customers can download all the presets used in the tutorial

Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is renowned for his signature, powerful sound. From subtle jangles to hard-hitting riffs, nailing the tone of the maestro's playing requires a careful combination of gear and settings, which are available with Amp Designer.

When creating his sound, Jimmy Page favored vintage Gibson Les Pauls and Marshall amplifiers with specific amp settings - namely turning the reverb off, setting the volume at 7-8, treble and bass set at 2-3, and the presence at 4, and giving middle control a gentle tweak for added brightness or scooped mids as required. With this combination of gear and settings, it's possible to achieve Jimmy Page's iconic tone - so why not give it a try today?

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