Using Logic Pro Amp Designer to Get the John Mayer Sound

Get John Mayer guitar tones using Logic Pro Amp Designer. Discover how to get three great guitar tones from popular John Mayer songs. You’ll learn the Your Body Is A Wonderland sound, it’s dry but not direct! You’ll learn how to get the tricky Heartbreak Warfare guitar tone by combining two of the rhythm sounds into one big and useful sound. You’ll also learn the Half Of My Heart solo sound and how to get a ton of sustain without using gobs of gain. You can download all the patches used in this tutorial as well as a template that has all the sounds ready to go!

  • Learn how you can use Amp Designer to dial in some of John Mayer’s guitar tones
  • Learn how to combine two sounds into one big sound
  • Download all the patches used in the tutorial
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How To Get Great Guitar Tones With Logic Pro Amp Designer

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2 thoughts on “Using Logic Pro Amp Designer to Get the John Mayer Sound

  1. I went through all these videos, and experimented with all the different amps and cabinet models. I did find some improvement over Pod Farm 2.5, but still wasn’t getting anything that was really compelling, making me go wow!

    Then I fell onto S-Gear. Its really incredible. I think the difference is mainly that its not trying to reproduce existing vintage amps, but is instead trying to do things in the digital domain that aren’t that practical in analog hardware. But the models are of tubes and electric circuits. The second difference is convolution for the speaker cabinets. The combination give a wide range of tones out of just four simulated amps, and 10 cabinet models. Less is more in this domain as too many choices cause you to spend too much time trying to find the right one.

    Check it out. S-Gear works great in Logic and MainStage. And it produces that wow! tone and feel.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll check out S-Gear.

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