Using Logic Pro Amp Designer to Get the Aerosmith Sound

Get the Aerosmith sound using the Logic Pro Amp Designer plug-in and go back to the classic roots of rock guitar tones. The first sound you'll learn is the rhythm crunch from the hit song, Walk This Way. You’ll discover how to get a lead tone similar to Joe Perry's guitar tone in Cryin. You also learn how the midrange frequencies play different roles in rhythm and lead sounds. Finally, you'll dial in a combination of the two rhythm tones from Jaded. All of the Amp Designer tones you hear in this tutorial are available to download for Logic Pro for Guitar Players customers.

  • Discover how you can use Amp Designer to dial in three decades worth of Aerosmith guitar tones
  • Learn which Amp Designer parameters can make a huge different in your tone
  • Logic Pro for Guitar Players customers can download all the presets used in the tutorial
Free Cheat Sheet: Amp Designer
How To Get Great Guitar Tones With Logic Pro Amp Designer

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