How Do I Control A Software Instrument’s Bypass Button?

Learn how to control the bypass of a software instrument using the environment. From there, you can choose a specific MIDI event to control remotely.

4 thoughts on “How Do I Control A Software Instrument’s Bypass Button?

  1. interesting… so can my midi controller (nanoKontrol) control that fader which toggles the on/off of the plug in instrument?

  2. i routed the signal from my midicontroller into the button. With the help of a transformer i am able to convert the cc message into fader messages. it works!
    thanks graham!

  3. This is a great video thanks. It may have answered on original question but I was wondering the follow: There are “bypass” and “compare” buttons on the plug in itself. I was trying to set up a keyboard shortcut to use those (alternatively, assign a button on my Mackie Control Universal Pro”) It does not appear in the list of the keyboard shortcuts (option K). Any advise on how to set these up?

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