Logic Pro Hyper Draw: Advanced Operations

This tutorial will focus on some of the more advanced aspects of the Hyper Draw portion of the Piano Roll and Score Editor windows. Learn how to quickly display all the various MIDI controllers for editing. Learn to use the velocity line tool, automation select tool and automation curve tools for making advanced edits and selections. This will help you quickly and easily create smooth MIDI controller data which can be particularly useful when working with software instruments and sampled instruments.

2 thoughts on “Logic Pro Hyper Draw: Advanced Operations

  1. is automation a general term for what you do to change a MIDI region? if so, what type of automation were you using on the first patch in this video?

    1. Automation is not just for MIDI. It’s the ability to record, edit, and play back the movements of all knobs, controls, and buttons, including volume faders, pan, EQ, and aux send controls, plus most effect and instrument plug-in parameters.

      The modulation being automated in the first patch.

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