Mastering the Logic Pro Amp Designer Part 1

Mastering the Logic Pro Amp Designer Part 1

Mastering the Logic Pro Amp Designer Part 1 gives you an overview of what this course will show you. You will hear what well-recorded acoustic 6-string and 12-string guitars sound like. You'll see why the conventional way of recording is so difficult and quickly becoming obsolete, and why it's becoming replaced by re-amping. You will hear one direct guitar sound get turned into four wildly different guitar tones, all without leaving Logic Pro. As a bonus, you'll get the presets demonstrated in this Logic Pro tutorial.

  • Discover why the traditional method of recording guitar could be on its way out
  • Hear smashing examples of how good the Logic Pro Amp Designer plug-in sounds
  • Download the Amp Designer presets used in this Logic Pro tutorial
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How To Get Great Guitar Tones With Logic Pro Amp Designer

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4 thoughts on “Mastering the Logic Pro Amp Designer Part 1

  1. Okay guys, here we go with a great new series. Pull out your rock boots and get ready to crank it up!

  2. Will these presets work in Logic 9?

    1. The “Patch” presets won’t open in Logic Pro 9 but the channel strip settings and audio unit presets will. Patches are new to Logic Pro X.

      1. Cool- thanks!

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