Mastering the Logic Pro Amp Designer Part 2

Mastering the Logic Pro Amp Designer Part 2

To get the best sound out of Logic Pro's Amp Designer plug-in, your guitar must be hooked up to your audio interface correctly. Mastering the Logic Pro Amp Designer Part 2 teaches you what you need to know. You'll discover a couple of tips on how to set up the metronome and count-in for recording, as well as setting markers so you can quickly and easily jump around your project. You'll learn where to plug your guitar in on your audio interface, how to properly set up your audio interface, and how to set the appropriate level.

  • Discover how to get the optimum sound from your guitar in Logic Pro's Amp Designer plug-in
  • Learn which inputs and audio interface settings you need to use with Amp Designer
  • Speed up your recording skills with these tricks to get yourself record-ready quickly
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How To Get Great Guitar Tones With Logic Pro Amp Designer

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