Logic Pro Environment Tutorials

If you've ever been mystified by Logic Pro's environment, we've released a batch of tutorials to help you. As a premium subscriber, you'll have access to all of six videos. Want to find out what you're missing, become a member today!

4 thoughts on “Logic Pro Environment Tutorials

  1. Hey Graham,can you help me with the environment setup for using multi output soft instruments please. I’m trying to setup my battery 3.0 and kontact 4 for multi channel output on my DAW, but I’m somewhat lost. Thanks in advance .

    1. Check your email. 🙂

  2. I am beginner. just got logic pro 2 days ago. is there a systematic way to the tutorials that build on my knowledge one step at a time. I do not see any order and for a beginner like me it is very confusing. can you help

    1. Make sure you check the emails we send because we cover how to use the site. Our beginner’s guide is here: Logic Pro Beginner Guide. Also, be sure to read the wiki.

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