Changing The Length Of Notes Using The Piano Roll Editor

Learn how to alter the start and end points of notes using various methods and with options to set the same end point for several notes as well as make several notes the same length. You’ll also learn more advanced note length functions.

5 thoughts on “Changing The Length Of Notes Using The Piano Roll Editor

  1. Option shift to drag selected notes to same length just added 3 more years to my life! Thanks for the post Graham.

  2. Hi Graham, thanks for the post, is there a way that I can do this in the arrange editor, I am trying to take a track and loop a certain part of the track, for the purpose of laying over an acapella over the looped part. then save the track with the looped acapella, i would like to be able to change some of the notes at the beginning of the loop and also at the end of the loop, so the loop sounds a little more smooth, can all that be done somehow? thanks

    1. A MIDI loop? The piano editor will do the trick.

  3. i’d like to know how i can choose a time signature like 6/8 and then record the logic internal click in one of the track with accent on 1st beat and 4th beat. even if the accent is not possible i still need to know how to record the logic click track on a track choosing 6/8.

    1. You can quickly choose 6/8 in the Transport or the Tempo Track. Once you choose 6/8, the metronome will click on every eighth with accents on 1 and 4. If you want to get rid of the subdivision clicks, right-click on the metronome in the transport bar and go to the settings to change it.

      To record it, go to the metronome’s channel strip in the Mixer (if you don’t see it, choose All from mixer tool menu. It’s probably labeled Click.) and select a Bus as the output instead of Stereo Out. Then create a new audio track and set the input to the same Bus. Then arm the track and record.

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